Coffee Spotlight: YES PLZ

Are you into coffee? (Like, ya know — good coffee?) How would you like excellence-in-a-cup delivered to your doorstep at the interval of your choosing?

I recently heard about YES PLZ, promptly read everything I could about it — then decided to try it. TL;DR: my friends — this is the real deal. I’ve been looking for an easy-peasy coffee-as-a-service (CaaS?) to send me delicious bags of awesomeness while I’m stuck here at home during “the incident” (we’ll just call it that for now). Since I’m a fan of lists (who isn’t?) I’ll just go ahead and break out what I love about YES PLZ:

Their whole M.O. is that they create a new blend — smooth and delicious — every single week. They’re constantly tinkering with blends, and if you’re not familiar with the concept of blends (either in coffee or wine) — oftentimes you can make the smoothest and most balanced cups by blending beans and roasts with different attributes. I imagine (in practice) this is less about trying to find the ultimate cup through revision, and more about creating exclusive “editions” each week (but these guys are perfectionists, so it may be both).

They’re a local California business touting legit pedigrees, they send out an adorable paper zine (yeah, they still exist!) every month, and the content is invigorating (you know, like a warm cup of joe — or a hug from a grizzly bear?) We’re talking profiles of chefs, musicians, visual art, etc. Full circle — are they the cheapest subscription coffee service around? Nope. Is it much cheaper than going to the coffee shop? Indubitably! Are they the quirkiest / yummiest / most indie-adorable? Most def!

If you’ve ever wanted to “get into coffee” but didn’t know where to start (and you want to help local independent businesses) — YES PLZ has got your back.

PS: there are affiliate links here, which means if you click one, we both benefit, huzzah!